Thursday, May 30, 2013


I have spent alot of time searching for Vintage Pant Hangers [and looking at a blank hallway wall] that I could use to hang up 6 prints that I purchased from Obvious State on Etsy. Finding one hanger here and there and paying $10-15 a piece didn't interest me. I found 6 hangers at my local consignment store for $4.95 and I already had my favorite DIY product Briwax, I decided to just make my own 'Vintage' Hangers. It ended up being a very easy project + gratification was almost instant!!

  • Wood pant hangers
  • Sander + Sandpaper [I love my Black + Decker Mouse < $40 + gets in all the little nooks  & crannies!]
  • Briwax [I used the Tutor Brown} 
  • Assortment of tools for 'aging+ damaging' i.e. hammer, awl, screwdriver + pliers
  • Fine grade steel wool
  • Rags
  • Double sided 'sticky' tape


  1. Remove the padding from the underside of each hanger. Clean with soap and water and let air dry
  2. Sand the outside and underside of each hanger. Don't be afraid to be aggressive on the edges, you want to get a 'worn' look!
  3. Using any fine grade steel wool, rub over sanded areas to smooth the surfaces to be waxed.
  4. Carefully avoid the metal hanger, and damage the wooden areas of the hanger by pounding, hitting, crunching and scratching with your tool assortment
  5. Using your rags, follow the directions on the Briwax container in a well ventilated area and apply to the wood on your hanger. [A little bit goes a long way...] Let dry for 30 - 45 minutes and polish waxed areas with an additional clean rag.
  6. Place a strip of double sided sticky tape on the BACK side of your picture, position and close your hanger + hang!



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