Saturday, August 7, 2010


Nutcups are the perfect party accessory! The come in a variety of sizes, shapes and forms and have a multitude of uses! Use them as placecard or napkin holders on your tabletop, fill them with ice-cream, candies or dipping sauces, use them as baking cups or to hold party favors. You can always personalize and decorate them to match your occasion and theme too!

White Vintage Nut Baskets from Wee Treasures Blue Polka Dot Nut Cups from Hey Yo Yo, Plastic Nut Baskets from SimplyChictiques and Pink Pastel Paper Nut cups from Carmelos. Do you have any other great ideas?

This sweet spring nut cup basket is from The Adventures of Blue Girl who also has a great tutorial to go along with it!

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  1. These are such adorable finds. I really needed some mini picnic/wicker baskets next Sunday for Sophie's birthday party and can't find any. Don't suppose you found any in Australian like that in your searches?



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