Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Round balloons come in a range of sizes 16, 17, 24, 30 and 36" in diameter and are the simplest of design statements (and my absolute favorite!)

When planning to use Balloons at your event...

  • Will you be using the balloons Indoors and/or Outdoors or both?
  • Latex or Milar or both?
  • Are you considering a monochromatic or festive color scheme? How will the balloons tie in with your other design elements - party theme?
  • Consider the number and age group of your guests as well as the amount of parental supervision you will have available.
  • Are you going to fill your balloons yourself onsite? Will you rent or buy Helium?
  • Pick up Helium filled balloons on the day of the party not the day or evening before.
  • Consider the size of your car when ordering the number of balloons or will you need to arrange delivery?
  • Call ahead to order or to deliver pre-purchased balloons - be clear on pick up time so you are not waiting around to watch balloons being filled or that they were filled too early and your balloons are starting to lose their float!
Some Balloon decor ideas
  • Tie 3 - 5 balloons in a bouquet at staggered lengths to highlight your party location
  • Tie colourful ribbons to the end of your balloons and let float to the ceiling
  • Weigh down individual or balloon bouquets with a soda can or canned food item (place inside a glass vase and fill around and to the top with co-ordinating party supplies confetti, candy, nuts, paper shred)
  • Use individual balloons as table number markers - thread punched number tag through long ribbons (make sure balloons are not placed too low & obstruct dinner conversation!)
  • Group 3 - 5 balloons spaced evenly apart and at equal heights as a table centerpiece or as a backdrop on a gift table and/or dessert buffet
  • Us as Photographic props individually or in a bouquet.
  • Tie together a large group of 9 - 13 in single or multicolors bouquet and give as a gift!

Things that you need to consider when using balloons Outside as design elements....

  • Latex balloons will biodegrade with sun, wind and heat and less likely to display well for longer than 4-6 hours
  • Fill balloons with helium that is approx. the same temperature as where they are being displayed
  • High temperatures will cause helium to be released faster - reducing float time (adding Hi-Float to your balloons makes it harder for the Helium to escape)
  • Extreme heat will most likely cause balloon popping
  • Extreme cold will cause shrinking
  • Larger balloons have longer float time
  • Balloons dont last outdoors overnite because of dew and temperature changes
  • Use lots of white balloons outside as they fade less
  • Darker balloons will absorb heat up and pop faster than lighter colored balloons (accent with darker colors to incorporate your event's theme)
  • Consider overinflating your balloons (with air first if you are filling with Helium so as not to waste the Helium) a little and releasing the air till balloon is underinflated so that the latex will have room to expand a little when absorbing heat (can also be done a few days before your event!

** Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of the above round balloons in 17" size in any combination of colors in multiples of 3/6/9 or 12 or even larger quantities **


  1. Some great hints, love that one about over inflating first. Hope I remember it.

  2. This is really great, i like it. Thank you sharing this blog.

  3. Hi there - are you still selling these balloons? Thanks!

  4. hi, yes i'd like to know if you are still selling these balloons!



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